Welcome to La Scuola International School where we believe children who imagine, create and explore in a beautiful environment become lovers of learning for life.
With more than 30 represented languages, our vibrant and diverse community inspires critical thinking, creative expression and fosters a lifelong passion for learning.
We are International
Multilingual Education
The research is compelling: our students develop executive function, divergent thinking and global-mindedness.
Learning is most powerful when it's interesting, engaging and relevant.
Curiosity and Wonder
Our students are confident critical thinkers, creators, collaborators, communicators and problem solvers.
Inquiry Builds Confidence
Teachers are Facilitators
Our educators are co-creators of knowledge within a warm and nurturing environment.
Art and "100 languages"
The Reggio Emilia Atelier is a workshop where students experience a large variety of materials within a trans-disciplinary curriculum.
Hands-on Environmental Science
Our garden is a sanctuary where students connect with nature, grow food and learn about the life sciences.

The world has changed and it’s time for education to catch up. That’s why it's the students at La Scuola who ask provocative questions. They lead—and embrace—their own ability to learn across languages, cultures and subject areas.

  International Baccalaureate

  Reggio Emilia Approach

  Language Immersion

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