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La Scuola International School


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Mission / Philosophy

Our Mission

Inspire Brave Learners to Shape the Future.

Our Philosophy

La Scuola is an accredited and authorized IB PYP World School. These are schools that share a common philosophy—a commitment to high quality, challenging, international education. Building on our strong Reggio Emilia roots, our K-8 programs incorporate the best of constructivist learning by combining the IB-PYP with the Reggio Emilia philosophy.

At La Scuola, children are the protagonists of their own journey towards learning which encourages critical thinking, problem-solving, cooperation and autonomy.

Key Differentiators of La Scuola

 International Baccalaureate – Primary Years Programme

 Reggio Emilia Approach

 Language Immersion

Core Values

 We believe that children actively construct theories about their world and test their hypotheses through meaningful hands-on experiences as well as social interactions and relationships with their teachers and their peers (Social Constructivist approach).

 We foster children’s imagination, curiosity, inquiry, creativity, critical thinking and problem solving to shape a lifelong passion for learning through the whole development of the child: physical, intellectual, emotional and social.

 We educate children to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world where the ability to problem-solve, innovate, learn independently and cooperate is of paramount importance.

 We offer an Italian immersion program: bilingualism leads to increased cognitive flexibility and has long-term positive effects on literacy and academic performance.

 We believe in Global Citizenship: language immersion also gives a broader perspective and greater intercultural experience, thus enabling children to develop curiosity for the surrounding world, a respect for differences and to become global citizens in a rapidly changing world.

 We believe in lifelong education and learning: our faculty regularly attend professional development courses, seminars and events.

 We believe in fostering lifelong healthy eating habits and in sharing the earth’s resources. The students share a family-style lunch. We have a garden in which children can grow the food that they eat, and obtain knowledge about sustainable agriculture and the environment.

La Scuola Community

A strong parent community is integral to the success of our school and to the quality of education.

 Many nationalities represent and reflect the diversity found within San Francisco with respect to family composition and multi-ethnic backgrounds

 Some La Scuola families are Italian citizens or Italian in heritage, while others are simply enthusiasts of Italy and Italian culture

 Certain families choose La Scuola for its focus on language and cultural immersion, and the Reggio Emilia educational approach