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Welcome to La Scuola!

La Scuola’s mission is to “Inspire Brave Learners to Shape the Future” through our unique combination of the Reggio Emilia pedagogy (our heart), the rigorous IB Curriculum framework (our head), and Italian language immersion (our soul). Our approach promotes a life long passion for learning and gives our students both the academic and the socio-emotional skills they will need to thrive, fulfill their unique potential, and be happy.

At La Scuola, we don’t view children as empty vessels that we fill with information, but as learners.  If you can help a child get to the answer by themselves then they will never forget it -- they will own their own learning experience and it will stay with them.  

At La Scuola, we also share a common mission with the global community of IB schools: to change the world through education. Our faculty is diverse, international, talented, creative, and committed: they are the ones guiding La Scuola’s students and our world toward a better future.

Our students ask challenging questions, seek difficult problems and think innovatively and creatively to wade through the tides of change ahead of them. They think beyond their immediate environment and engage with the many different people of our increasingly globalized world. They celebrate diversity, rather than fear it. Our students are at the center of the learning process: and they fill us with joy and wonder every day. Our students will grow to be kind, wise, and intelligent, and they will make this world a better place.
I hope that you will visit La Scuola and experience our beautiful school environment, our welcoming community of students, teachers, and parents and that sense of openness, optimism, and joy that I feel every day when I walk through the doors of our three campuses.

Con Stima,

Valentina Imbeni, Ph.D.
Head of School