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Community Voices

At La Scuola, our families are always happy to talk about their experience. Here are a few testimonials from members of our community.

Hear from Naureen, La Scuola Preschool Parent
Hear from La Scuola Founding Board Member, Claudia


I'm often asked how I became involved with La Scuola all those years ago, and really the truth is that we had this wonderful preschool that was doing things very differently than other schools. I had the benefit of having older children who had gone to other schools before La Scuola, and I could sense and I could see a difference in how my children approached going to school –– they never wanted to leave! It was this joyous, beautiful place.

–– Claudia Volpi, La Scuola Founding Board Member


The philosophy here around letting the children lead with their curiosity, the openness to diversity here, you just feel all that within the community –– the staff, the parents, the teachers, even the children. [...] When I come to school and I see my son speaking with his teachers in Italian, he just gets this sense of pride and ownership about being able to do that, and I'm so impressed and really proud of him.

Naureen, Preschool Parent

This really question-based learning is a focus of La Scuola and is something that I love for my daughter because it's opening her to a lot of new things. She's asking a lot of question and that's been huge for us. 

 Kelsey,  Preschool Parent

One of the things I believe strongly is that we want to have critical thinkers who go through life inquiring and curious. [Kids] also need to have the safety to fail, and that's one of the things La Scuola has given our children –– they feel seen, they feel acknowledged, and that, I believe, will help them throughout life, when they try and succeed but also when they fail. It will make them resilient individuals.  

Marusia, Elementary and Preschool Parent

Hear from Kelsey, La Scuola Preschool Parent
Hear from Marusia, an Elementary and Preschool Parent
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