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Community Voices

At La Scuola, our families are always happy to talk about their experience. Here are a few testimonials from members of our community.

"My husband and I have two children at La Scuola and before moving to San Francisco from Chicago, our kids had always been in IB schools. Our only fear was adding yet another language to our kids' education. We thought it might set them back academically, but I can promise you our fears were unfounded. The children have absolutely thrived. They have been able to pull from the base of languages to help them with syntax and structure and it has served as an accelerator for them, grammatically with their accent and comprehension. They have absolutely loved the school and La Scuola has been a gift to both them and to us. "

Rebecca Messina, Independent Marketing Executive

"I have a child who is currently finishing his last year of Preschool at La Scuola and we couldn’t be happier with his experience. When we first started looking, we were hoping for a school that fostered curiosity and creativity, which are such important parts of childhood. We were also interested in a language program that would offer my child a chance to learn a new language. My child is thriving emotionally, socially and academically, all because of the experience of La Scuola. It has been so enriching for him and for that we are incredibly grateful." 

Odessa Yabut, Ph.D.

"As a professional scientist, I was amazed that at La Scuola, even a kindergarten class, students were introduced to the scientific method in a hands on way that stayed with them. They learned how to run experiments and verify hypotheses which I found really impressive. They also learned math in a similar way that stayed in their brain. I also really love the music program- they learn to read music and play instruments together in a group with each other and work as a team without the pressure of being perfect. I also love the community of parents. My daughters are so happy to go to school- after holidays or on Mondays, they are eager to go back to school. To me that is a very successful educational model when we have the pleasure of watching our children love learning." Albert Salleo - Chair, Dept. of Materials Science & Engineering at Stanford University

"One of the things that I find really special about La Scuola is the transdisciplinary approach and the IB program. In my work, I lead a team of researchers and scientists looking at  new frontiers of research. To be successful in the 21st century you need to understand how disciplines come together and innovate at the intersection of these disciplines. At La Scuola, the teachers come together and look across art and science and math and weave these subjects together in a meaningful way that is really relevant to the child. My husband and I are from the middle east and were initially concerned that our son wouldn’t be able to pick up Italian. Here we are two years later, he is fluent! We go to Italy and he translates for us. One thing that is really special about La Scuola is the community. The parents, the teachers, the administrators. I feel like I acquired a family when we joined La Scuola. We are close with other families and we explore new foods and events together. With my child being an only child, it is almost like he has new cousins and friends and another family that came out of La Scuola and that is really special." 

Lama Nachman - Fellow and Director of Human & AI Systems Research Lab at Intel Corp.

"My daughter will be going into the first grade and has been enrolled in the summer camp for four weeks. Life has felt normal for her and myself and I tell you that because I know that those are the same safety measures that La Scuola will employ for in-person learning as well- hand sanitizers, temperature checks at the door, masks that the kids are all wearing. La Scoula has gone above and beyond to provide the resources needed for our kids to resume a somewhat normal life. I know that with all of the additional measures in place, they will create a safe environment for our kids. Thank you La Scoula- you have given so much to these kids and I have realized what a truly valuable resource you are to us. "

Raffaella Tasca - Regional Director of Group Sales at AMResorts

"When we moved to SF, we looked for a school that offered high-quality academics, but also bilingual education and inquiry-based learning. Most importantly though, we wanted to find a school that had an ideal environment which would motivate kids to learn and find a love for learning. We have always been clear that in order for our child to thrive, it is necessary to be surrounded by people that motivate him, feed his curiosity, challenge him, listen to him and respect him. At La Scuola, we have found this and a lot more. La Scuola has become an extension of our family.

Andrea Palomera, Pilates Educator

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