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Meet Our Graduates

Grade 7 and 8 jumping for joy

A lot can happen in a year and for our Grade 8 students, it is doubly true. During middle school, we watch as our children mature into young adults. The high school admissions process marks the transition from middle school to high school, another decisive step towards adulthood.

June of 2024 celebrates La Scuola's fifth graduating Grade 8 class. Congratulations to you, as you begin your journey to high school.

High School Acceptances of the Classes of 2020 - 2024

  • Academy of Thought and Industry
  • Archbishop Riordan High School
  • The Bay School of San Francisco
  • Castro Valley High School
  • City Arts and Leadership Academy
  • Collegio San Giuseppe - Instituto de Merode - Rome, Italy
  • Convent of the Sacred Heart High School
  • Drew School
  • Galileo Academy of Science & Technology
  • Gateway High School
  • International High School
  • Instituto Marcelline Tommaseo - Milan, Italy
  • Lick-Wilmerding High School
  • Lowell High School
  • Mercy High School Burlingame
  • Mission High School
  • Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory
  • Saint Ignatius College Preparatory
  • San Francisco Girls' School
  • San Francisco University High School
  • San Francisco Waldorf School
  • St. Stephen’s School - Rome, Italy
  • Stuart Hall High School
  • Urban School of San Francisco

What our Recent Graduates Say

Meet two of our Grade 8 graduates, who talk a bit about their Grade 8 year at La Scuola, and their high school admissions process.

Meet Nicholas, Grade 8
Meet Leigh, Grade 8

“Teachers inspired me to learn languages and about the world.”

“I value my relationships with classmates and teachers in this supportive community.”

“La Scuola has grown my confidence and taught me many new skills.”

“I not only progressed as a student, but also an individual.”

“I felt prepared for high school.”

“I love the La Scuola community and my friends.”

“I enjoyed our trips like the CYO Camp and school events like the late night on campus.”

“I enjoyed my IB education and the MYP Community Project.”

“La Scuola has an amazing music and design program.”

“Make lots of friends and enjoy your time.”

“I loved our trips to Nature Bridge and Santa Cruz”

“The IB learner is different and special.”

“I enjoyed La Scuola’s music and language program.”

“I liked the small class size and the variety of classes we took.”

“The design program at La Scuola is great.”

La Scuola Graduates 2020 - 2023

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Graduating Grade 8 Class of 2023
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Graduating Class of 2022
Class of 2021
Class of 2021
Class of 2020
Class of 2020
Sunflowers are part of every graduation!
Meet our Graduates 2020
Class of 2020 Mural Project