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Welcome to Admissions!

As educators and community builders we ask ourselves: How do you create a vibrant, warm and inclusive school culture that celebrates children who are at ease in a multilingual and multicultural environment? We start by being Open to the World.

At La Scuola we believe in children. We believe that children are intelligent, creative and curious. We aim to nourish their love of learning by providing a engaging curriculum that will allow them to explore their world and experience the warmth and joy of the Italian culture.

At the core, La Scuola is a community of passionate and enthusiastic teachers, parents, administrators and students. We hope you will share our enthusiasm when you get to know our school and our programs. Please join us at one of our open houses, school tours and educational events across 3 campuses: Preschool, Elementary and Middle School. Come and experience how students benefit from an education that is highly engaging, child-centered and international.

We look forward to getting to know your family!

Dunja Solari
Director of Admissions


Why La Scuola?

  La Scuola educates the whole child - intellectually, physically and emotionally - in a joyful and happy environment.

  Inquiry is the leading pedagogical tool of our transdisciplinary education, thereby fostering critical and creative thinking skills, confidence, integrity, collaboration and empathy.

  Language acquisition is a cornerstone of a La Scuola education. Bilinguals have better cognitive and verbal skills, as well as higher executive function.

  Our students develop a life-long love of learning and become world citizens who care about their local and global communities.

  Children are surrounded by warm and nurturing teachers in an aesthetically beautiful environment, steeped in the Reggio-Emilia philosophy.

  Children graduating from La Scuola have the cognitive, creative and social skills necessary for the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

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