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Affording La Scuola

Affording La Scuola

At La Scuola, we strive to make our school and our program as accessible as possible. La Scuola offers sliding scale tuition, which is currently used by 30% of families. Please do not hesitate to inquire about sliding scale tuition, or directly complete the FAST Application Form.

2021-2022 Full Tuition Fees (Includes lunch)


  • San Francisco Campus
  • Half Day (AM), 5-day-schedule: $29,850
  • Full Day, 5-day-schedule: $37,325 (Full day is until 5:30 PM)

Elementary (K-5)

  • $36,750

Middle (6-8)

  • $38,850

2022-2023 Tuition Fees


  • San Francisco Campus
  • Half Day (AM), 5-day-schedule: $31,210
  • Full Day, 5-day-schedule: $39,020 (Full day is until 5:30 PM)
  • Peninsula Campus
  • Half Day (AM), 5-day-schedule: $27,720
  • Full Day, 5-day-schedule: $34,650 (Full day is until 5:30 PM)

Elementary (K-5)

  • San Francisco Campus
  • Full Day, 5-day-schedule: $38,790
  • Peninsula Campus
  • Full Day, 5-day-schedule: $33,900
    Peninsula Campus Preschool - Grade 1
    We are delighted to offer a 20% discount to pioneer families who enroll in our first academic year. For those families who have already enrolled, this pioneer discount will be applied to your future installments. Sliding scale tuition is available, please reach out to Nichole Leon for more information.

Middle (6-8)

  • $41,000

Sliding Scale Tuition 

2021-22 Sliding Scale Tuition Policy and Guidelines

The purpose of La Scuola’s Sliding Scale Tuition program is to provide financial assistance to families who cannot afford the full cost of tuition. Diversity enriches the educational opportunity for all families, and participation of a wide range of families is critical to an inclusive school like La Scuola. Sliding scale tuition is offered on the basis of the demonstrated financial need of the family. Grants are awarded to families according to their level of need as determined by the Independent School Management Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) Program, which provides objective, third-party financial needs assessments, and La Scuola’s Tuition Committee. There are no merit-based awards.

All information from FAST is kept in strict confidence, as is all information relating to a family’s tuition sliding scale request. Final sliding scale tuition decisions are based on the recommendations from FAST, the committee’s assessment of applicants’ needs, and the budgeted funds available. Unfortunately, there is always a greater demand for sliding scale tuition than there are resources. Information reviewed by the Tuition Committee and discussions within committee meetings are strictly confidential.

In accordance with equal opportunity standards, sliding scale tuition awards are made without regard to a student’s race, color, religion, national or ethnic origin, gender identification, sexual identification, family composition, disability, or age and in compliance with existing state and federal laws or regulations.

La Scuola International School is an independent non-profit school that meets the charitable and educational definitions of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Tax Identification Number: 56-2293184). As such, La Scuola receives no funding from state or federal sources.

Sliding Scale Tuition Application Process

Families requesting sliding scale tuition must submit an application online via the Independent School Management Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) Program. The FAST application form is available online.

  • The application fee is $48                                                                                         
  • The application deadline is February 1, 2022
  • The Tax Documents deadline is February 8, 2022

Applicants for Sliding Scale Tuition need to file their federal and state tax returns early. Sliding scale tuition awards are tentative until receipt and review of your completed returns by the La Scuola Tuition Committee. We reserve the right to adjust your award upon review of those returns. If you do not submit all the required documents requested to complete your application, we may withdraw the entire grant.

Award determination letters are mailed along with enrollment contracts. Sliding Scale Tuition dollars are limited and demand is high, so please file your application on time. Please note that applications for sliding scale tuition for new families can only be processed if the student’s admissions application is complete.

Award Considerations

In allocating sliding scale tuition resources the following factors are considered:

  • The applicant family’s financial resources and circumstances
  • Ability to pay tuition and fees as determined by FAST
  • Commitment to independent, international, immersion education
  • Adults in the household are fully employed
  • Applicant family’s expenses include tuition paid to schools and colleges other than La Scuola
  • Diversity
  • Full enrollment
  • The applicant family’s completed and timely application

For Sliding Scale Tuition questions, please contact Nichole Leon directly.



Frequently Asked Questions

Does my family qualify for sliding scale tuition?

Sliding Scale Tuition Grants are awarded to families according to their level of need as determined by the Independent School Management Financial Aid for School Tuition (FAST) Program and La Scuola’s Tuition Committee. 

The FAST application form is available here.

Will we receive sliding scale tuition if our family qualifies?

Not necessarily. We try to accommodate as many requests as possible, but because our budget is limited, we cannot guarantee a sliding scale tuition award. Continuing students get priority over new students for sliding scale tuition. Families who apply later than our deadline have a lower chance of receiving sliding scale tuition than families who have applied on time.

Does a family need to apply for sliding scale tuition each year?

Yes. sliding scale tuition decisions apply only to the year for which an application and supporting documentation are submitted to FAST. When there are dramatic changes in a family’s financial situation due to a significant set back, we will do what we can to make it possible for the child to remain at La Scuola. At the same time, we expect a family in this situation to make other adjustments to their family expenditures, in addition to seeking sliding scale tuition to help cover the cost of tuition. Likewise, when a family’s situation improves, La Scuola reserves the right to adjust the sliding scale tuition award to reflect the positive gain. The cost of tuition increases is shared between the School and the family.

We did not apply for sliding scale tuition when we first applied for Kindergarten. Can we apply for sliding scale tuition the following year?

Families should apply for sliding scale tuition when they apply for admission to La Scuola. Current families who have not previously applied for sliding scale tuition will not be eligible to apply unless they demonstrate a significant change in the family’s financial situation.

Does a non-working parent affect the sliding scale tuition award?

La Scuola expects that parents are doing all they can to pay for tuition to the best of their ability. Therefore, unless there is an exception made, it is expected that both parents will be gainfully employed. If one or both parents are not employed, a salary will be imputed for the non working parent(s).

Are non-custodial parents responsible for a child’s tuition as well?

La Scuola considers the custodial parent (married, divorced or separated), step-parent, non-custodial parent, domestic partner, life partner and legal guardian responsible for a child’s tuition. If the adult is not included in the joint income tax return, a separate FAST application is required.

For students of divorced parents, are both parents required to apply?

For students of divorced or separated parents, a FAST application and supporting documents are required of both parents regardless of custody or financial responsibility.

If multiple children attend tuition charging schools, is it expected that the family will apply for sliding scale tuition at all schools?

Yes. If multiple children attend tuition-charging schools or colleges, it is expected that the family will be applying for sliding scale tuition at all schools. La Scuola should not be expected to subsidize tuition at other schools or colleges.