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August School Start Dates Moved Up One Week

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Buongiorno La Scuola,

I am going to start with some good news today. 

As you may know, we had a visit from the MYP-IB visiting team last week and we received the good news this morning, much sooner than anticipated, that we are an authorized MYP school! We are now the first PYP-MYP school in San Francisco.

I am very grateful to our middle school team that worked extremely hard to make this happen and to our Middle School Director, Doug Lowney, who drove this process for the last three years. This is another great achievement for La Scuola that we are very proud of. 

Something that the team shared is that our students are really owning the learning process and that this pandemic has strengthened their resolve to be life-long learners and also that they are loved. So, I thought I would share that with you since we all need good news these days.

We are continued to be engaged with health officials and other independent schools in San Francisco. We are committed to opening in the fall. You should know that about 30% of students in the City attend a private school so we do have a voice and we continue to engage to make sure we will be there for you in the fall, and hopefully even in the summer.

So, typically now, the Health Department is thinking two weeks ahead, so this is what we are doing as well. Know that we continue to share with you anything we know, as soon as we know it. 

It’s important for me to tell you what we know:

  • We are committed to opening Summer Camp
  • We are committed to opening a week early in August:
    • Dogpatch - Tuesday, August 4
    • Fell - Tuesday, August 11
    • Mission - Wednesday, August 12

I hope this will be good news for everyone.

What we don’t know:

  • What exactly school will look like?
  • How many students will be allowed in the classroom?

All of these things we will share with the community as soon as the authorities share them with us. Please know that we are planning many different scenarios of how this will happen at the three campuses. It is our goal to meet your needs and the needs of the students. Because of that, I want to encourage you to keep your questions coming and share your thoughts. We are partners and we really want to make sure you are heard and that we will plan for the new year in ways that meet your needs.

I think that now, more than ever, our commitment to being together and facing these challenges together is important. Community has never been more important than it is now. And even though we do not have the good fortune of seeing your children and yourselves every day, please keep the La Scuola motto alive in your homes. Remember, Niente Senza Gioia - Nothing Without Joy is a way of life. I really hope to see you in person soon. 

Andra’tuttobene - All will be well. Ciao!

Valentina Imbeni, Ph.D.
Head of School