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Celebrating Earth Day

Friday, April 23, 2021

Grandissimi Children Match Art with Words

Oggi é Earth Day ... "Today it's Earth Day" designs and quotes from the children.


  • Earth is our home - Remi
  • Earth has little shapes of different places...like the desert and also Antarctica, where penguins live and it's very cold there - Morgan
  • Earth is a small planet and the sun is the biggest star - Carl
  • La Earth é tutta la cittá - Matilde
  • We are inside the earth - Remi
  • No, we are outside! - Kyrian
  • I think we are thanking the Earth for giving us a home - Coco
  • The Earth is green and blue - Aidan
  • Come possiamo aiutare la Terra? How can we help the Earth?
  • We can use more bicycles and electric cars - Carl
  • We can clean it! - Remi
  • And not make a bigger mess - Morgan

Grade 1 Designing Earth From Our View


Grade 7 & 8 Posters