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Environmental Sustainability

At La Scuola we continuously strive to reduce our impact on the planet, while promoting environmental literacy in our students and engaging with them on ways to be better stewards of the earth.      

Material Resource Conservation

  • We purchase recycled paper products.
  • We have eliminated disposable products for serving student lunches and in the staff room; we use compostable products only when necessary.  
  • Lessons on recycling, reuse, and composting are built into the school curriculum. The garden classrooms include compost bins.
  • Our classrooms support re-use by incorporating many materials from the re-use center SCRAP located in San Francisco.


Toxic Reduction

  • We use only green cleaning products.
  • We serve mostly organic food for student lunches that is sustainable, in-season and locally sourced.
  • Our school gardens are organic.

Animal Welfare

  • We use non-toxic solutions for pest problems. Our rodent control service does not use poisons that will affect owls or hawks.
  • Student meals are heavily plant-based; vegan and vegetarian options are always available.
  • Our school gardens include wildlife habitat plants, including pollinator plants.
  • Our parent-run service learning committee organizes annual beach clean ups.

Water Conservation

  • The school gardens and landscaping are planted with drought tolerant perennials and watered primarily with drip irrigation or hand watering, both of which minimize water waste.  
  • The K8 campus harvests rainwater for use in the garden, and teaches water conservation skills to students. 


Transportation/Climate Change Response

  • We annually mark Care for the Air Day in conjunction with SF Walk and Roll to School Day - focusing on student discussion and action around reducing carbon emissions.
  • Bike racks are present at both campuses and carpooling is encouraged.

Energy Conservation/Climate Change Response

  • Fluorescent bulbs have been replaced by LED bulbs.
  • Building heating and cooling systems are regularly evaluated and modified to maximize energy conservation (window treatments, thermostat location and ventilation systems)
  • Motion sensor lighting has been introduced in preschool spaces. 


  • We have an Environmental Studies curriculum, along with Environmental Studies teachers who focus on the strands of Nature Connection, Ecoliteracy, Food Literacy, Stewardship, and Garden Skills. Our Garden Classrooms are a key part of this program, along with local field trips to natural areas, as our students develop a connection with nature and learn to be stewards of the Earth.
  • Our overnight field trips start in 4th grade. Past trips have included NatureBridge (Marin Headlands and Yosemite) and CYO camp in Sonoma.
  • As an International Baccalaureate School, units on “Sharing the Planet” are built into the curriculum for PreK through 5th grade and units on “Globalization and Sustainability” are part of the Middle School curriculum.

La Scuola Middle School Campus in the Mission District:

  • La Scuola is working with ZPZ Partners, Pfau Long Architects, and RHAA - firms committed to sustainable design.