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Mission Campus Development

At La Scuola, we foster an appreciation for joy and beauty. Our campus and program stimulate all of the senses, inspire an appreciation for food, music, culture and the joy of spending time with friends, and community. From colorful spaces to learn and connect, to Ateliers specially designed to ignite the artist, musician or designer within, at La Scuola, we have always seen the environment as a child's first teacher. 

It has been our long-time dream to occupy a Reggio Emilia-inspired campus designed by Italian architect Michele Zini, and while we have made significant progress in the past year, the Pandemic has given us the opportunity to pause, reflect, and adjust our plans in light of where we are today. 

On February 11, our Head of School and Board of Directors hosted a Community Q&A to share the current progress and future trajectory of the construction. You can watch the recording below. If you have any questions, please email us at board@lascuolasf.org.

Primary Phases of Construction

Under the Strategic Plan pillar of Permanence, La Scuola is undertaking the development of its Dogpatch and Mission Campuses to ensure that we have the needed space for our growing enrollment.

There are five primary phases to this project, and please know that things may change depending on the entitlement process, City of San Francisco approval, fundraising, funding, and other unforeseen circumstances. Phases can start and stop depending on these factors.

Estimated Project Timeline

1. February 2021 - Apply for Convent Removal and Mobile Classrooms placement

2. April 2021 - Start Architectural Permit drawings for New Main Building

3. Summer 2021 - Demolish Convent, Install and customized Modular Classrooms

4. Winter 2022 - Potentially Start Construction of New Main Building

5. Fall 2024 - Classes Start in New Main Building

Mission Campus - Conceptual Map

St. Charles Renovations

(completed summer 2020)

The St. Charles building, the historic structure that our Grades 3-8 currently occupy, will ultimately be the home of our K-4 elementary classrooms after some additional work. Click here to take a virtual 3-D tour of our Mission Campus.

Removal of the Convent & Modular Classrooms

The move from Fell to Mission will likely be phased over two years. To work toward these milestones, we will be installing modular classrooms this summer to take advantage of expedited permitting and up to a 5-year (versus 1-year) temporary classroom authorization offered by the City of San Francisco in light of the Pandemic. The City has enacted these measures to help schools like us comply with SFDPH Covid-19 Prevention requirements in offering in-person learning. We will also be removing the convent building on 18th Street to create more space in the yard and be ready to break ground for the new building when we are ready.

The Reggio Emilia philosophy deeply informs our planning and design process. Some of you may remember the modular classrooms we installed at our Preschool campus, these are not the modulars that some of us grew up with. These temporary classrooms will be light-filled in the Reggio style with colors and finishes in line with the current design and the improvements will be recommended by Michele Zini/ZPZ Partners. These classrooms will be equipped with HVAC systems, their own bathrooms, and direct access to the play yard. We used this type of modular classroom prior to moving to our Fell street campus and our graduating Grade 8 class remembers them fondly!


Construction of New Main Building

The Mission campus will be transformed into the ideal international school of the future - the first and only of its kind in the United States - which will occupy the space where the empty convent building is currently located. This building will be the main entrance to our campus and will house our food atelier, dining room, art, music, and makers ateliers and will be designed with flexible classroom partitions. The Ateliers/Studio spaces are unique and at the heart of the Reggio Emilia program as they provide students with innovative spaces to learn, explore, create and experiment. This learning space will therefore match our unique learning approach, one that values the child as a protagonist in their own learning, with the unique ability to learn, find beauty in life, and discover extraordinary answers. 

18th Street View


Inside New Main Building





The San Carlos Building

The San Carlos building on South Van Ness will be the home to our Middle School classes, our gymnasium, and our performing arts theater. We will be able to use our gym space prior to this phase.

San Carlos Hall

Concerts, Events & Performing Arts
Sports & Gymnasium


Classrooms & Piazza Space



San Carlos Roof


Dogpatch Campus Expansion

The La Scuola’s journey begins in preschool, the campus that was originally designed by Italian Architect Michele Zini whose studio has designed the original Reggio Schools in Italy and around the world. We plan to add a second floor that will host a Digital Atelier, a Teachers Lounge for our wonderful faculty, and a dedicated space for Professional Development, Parents Education and Community Events. We will also green our yard and create a more welcoming entrance for our students and families.