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Our Approach

La Scuola Approach

At La Scuola, learning is a part of everything that we do, not just what happens in the classroom. While our school experience is rooted in best in class curricula, the magic of La Scuola is more than the way we teach, it is truly a way of living, thinking, and interacting with the world.

Now is the perfect time for a community like La Scuola.

In today’s often disconnected society, we see it as essential that children ask good questions, respect different beliefs and perspectives, and appreciate the joys and beauty of everyday moments. Our school culture revolves around human connections—affecting everything we do, from how we eat meals to how we resolve conflicts to how we greet each other with affection. Just like a big family.

La Scuola is an International School and a Global Community

Our families come from a wide range of backgrounds, speak over 30 different languages and the breadth that global community is the foundation of our school experience. With their ability to see things through others’ eyes, La Scuola students see beyond the boundaries of right and wrong to understand nuance, appreciate empathy, and lead towards a more open, connected world.

We offer best in class curricula that leverages all that is known globally about teaching, learning and child development. 

That includes International Baccalaureate, Reggio Emilia, Singapore Math, Columbia Writer’s Workshop and Pollyanna, a renowned racial literacy program, among others.

We see students as individuals, capable of doing and communicating their abilities and interests in extraordinary ways.

Our students engage in self-directed learning, class discussions flow from their inquiry, instead of a predetermined course. When students are asking the questions, they are also paying attention to the answers and why those answers matter, and our graduates emerge as naturally curious, lifelong learners.


Students climbing tree
Students working
Students playing music


We foster cross-disciplinary thinking.

Today’s industry demands an applicant who transcends subjects, navigates among cultures, and communicates in multiple languages. Innovation happens in the fulcrum where these diverse ideas and methods intersect and react. This kind of fluid thinking happens so naturally for La Scuola students that they are not even aware of it. We know this sets our graduates up for success in high school and beyond.

Language immersion enhances students’ cognitive development. 

Bilingualism has been proven to have a significant impact on educational success, attention, decision-making and overall happiness. While it may seem intimidating, learning a second language is not at the risk of students not learning English, our students are proficient in both. 

Learn more about the benefits of language immersion

We foster an appreciation for joy and beauty.

Our school experience is grounded in the values of Italian living: appreciation for food, music, culture and the joy of spending time with friends in community. We designed our campus to be a place of light, beauty, and love that inspires all the senses. La vita e ́ bella!

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