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Elementary School

At La Scuola’s elementary school, teachers facilitate purposeful and appropriate learning for students of all levels. The Elementary School (Kindergarten-5) curriculum adheres to the rigorous International Baccalaureate for the Primary Years (IB-PYP) program, which challenges students academically and fosters them to be engaged, caring global citizens. The IB-PYP encompasses the academic, social, personal, and physical breadth of learning. This transdisciplinary program focuses on themes and concepts that translate across subjects (language arts, arts, math, science, and social studies), enabling students to make new and meaningful connections.

Within this PYP curriculum framework, La Scuola integrates the Reggio Emilia approach- teachers work collaboratively with children to inquire, reflect, and explore their own questions. As a result, our students develop confidence in their abilities, think for themselves, express their opinions, and respect the opinions of others.

Instruction is taught in the English and Italian languages, in which students are expected to become fluent, express themselves, and effectively communicate cross-culturally. Coupled with an international curriculum, La Scuola’s language immersion program prepares its children to succeed in a 21st century world.