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Languages of Instruction

At La Scuola we have two languages of instruction, Italian and English, which are balanced according to the Immersion language Montreal Model as follows:

 Grades K-1: approximately 80% Italian - 20% English

 Grade 2: approximately 70% Italian - 30% English

 Grades 3-5: approximately 50% Italian - 50% English

 Grades 6-8: approximately 30% Italian - 70% English

Language percentages do not include specialist subjects. From Kindergarten through 2nd grade, Italian represents the language of instruction used in the classroom for approximately 80% of the time; the remaining 20% will be delivered in English language. From 3rd grade, the balance between the languages will be 50% Italian and 50% English and from 6th grade forward it will be 30% Italian and 70% English.

By learning in two languages, students are able to appreciate both Italian and American cultures as a basis for understanding other cultures within the school and within the world, as well as understand the value of global citizenship.

 Early exposure to a second language enables more neural connections to form in a child’s brain, actually improving language skills in the first language.

 Language is a form of cultural expression that transmits information about the communities that use it and forms part of the community identity.

 Language is a tool by which human beings construct knowledge, create meaning, communicate ideas and feelings and develop relationships with other people.

 The acquisition of multiple languages permits people to develop knowledge about others and increases our chances of understanding the world from different perspectives and cultural paradigms, taking into account other value systems and ways of thinking and feeling.