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Specialist Subjects

Visual Arts, Music, Physical Education and Environmental Studies are taught by Specialist teachers.


Students develop their knowledge and understanding of Music in society. Students listen to a variety of music and respond to what they have learned through listening, singing, playing instruments and by creating their own musical compositions. Students explore the following strands: Listening and Appreciation, Music in Society, Creating and Composing, Notation, Singing and Playing Instruments. Learning Outcomes are organized in developmental phases within the Scope and Sequence document.


Gardening & Environmental Studies

The natural environment, in its ever-changing state, quite often provides children with the spontaneity and surprise that leads to new cognitive knots, problems and a sense of wonder. In the natural environment, one realizes that there is always more to learn and explore. During the lessons with our Gardening and Environmental Studies teacher, the children explore the La Scuola garden, learn about gardening practices, identification of the plants and vegetables growing, as well as identification of the common visitors of the garden (hummingbirds, butterflies, bees, etc.). Through a multi-sensory relationship to the garden, children gain an understanding of ecology, the cycle of food production and consumption, and strengthened sense of stewardship toward their community.



We view Tinkering as a pedagogy, not just an activity. Students deeply engage in the investigation of scientific phenomena and mathematics in our tinkering program. The tinkering lab is an immersive, active, creative and constructivist learning space that honors student inquiry and ingenuity. Tasks and challenges assigned to students are planned with intentionality in mind as they have a purpose and are connected to units of focus.

The Visual Arts

Students develop knowledge and understanding of the Arts in society, both from a historical and cultural perspective. Students explore different media and techniques as they respond to what they have learned. Students engage in creating their own works of art as they develop as artists in their own right. Students explore the following strands: Reflection and Appreciation, Visual Arts in Society, Creative Processes and The Elements of Art and Design. Learning Outcomes are organized in developmental phases within the Scope and Sequence document.



Physical Education

PE lessons support the units of inquiry where there are meaningful links with the PE scope and sequence. In Physical Education classes, students develop an understanding of the factors that contribute to developing and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle and the importance of regular physical activity and safety considerations for self and others. Students explore the following strands: Movement Composition, Individual Pursuits, Adventure Challenge, Games and Health-related fitness. Learning Outcomes are organized in developmental phases within the Scope and Sequence document.