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K-8 After School Enrichment Classes

K-8 Extended Care

Extended Care at La Scuola runs everyday from dismissal time until 6 pm. We offer the children a space to relax, engage in different activities, do their homework and spend time outdoors. Activities are organized in centers: children can choose their own favorite activity and move between art center, construction projects, board games, craft materials; we follow children's leadership and offer special projects related to their interests. A lounge area to relax and read is always available, as well as a quiet space and a teacher to assist students who want to do their homework. Time dedicated to the different activities may vary due to special projects or weather conditions.

K-8 Enrichment Classes

Besides the regular extended care activities, La Scuola offers a program of enrichment classes in collaboration with talented La Scuola teachers or professional partners.  They range from sports to language classes as well as creative classes such as theater and dance.  Enrollment in enrichment classes is fee-based, optional, and on a trimester basis.