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Special Message from the Head of School

Friday, January 31, 2020

Tuition Levels for 2020-21 School Year


Cari Genitori,

Each and every day at La Scuola we strive to deliver on our mission to inspire brave learners to shape the future. This is possible because of the partnership we share with you and your child - a relationship built on the mutual goal of encouraging your child to ask provocative questions and discovering extraordinary answers alongside them. With the upcoming development of our K-8 home in the Mission and the expansion of the early childhood program in the Dogpatch, our future is bright. 

Our unique program is the result of thoughtful consideration and preparation by our administrators and faculty. Each field trip, unit of inquiry and presentation is intentional. Our teachers continue to expand their knowledge with professional development and bring back that learning to improve our programs and our student outcomes. Our commitment to art, music, language and environmental studies is unrivaled among San Francisco elementary schools. We supply instruments, professional-grade art supplies, multimedia tools, to name a few, and with this, our kids flourish. 

With our enrollment exceeding 300 students -- we eagerly await the graduation of our first grade 8 class. They are a shining example of the extraordinary growth of our school since its founding in 2002 and the rich education offered by our singular curriculum, which combines the Reggio Emilia approach, the International Baccalaureate framework, and language immersion. Our progress has been closely watched by educators around the world, including Reggio Children and the International Baccalaureate Organization, who are working alongside us to see the impact of our program and to disseminate best practices within their networks. 

On January 15, our Board of Directors approved the following tuition levels for the 2020-21 academic year:

2020-21 Tuition Levels






The tuition cost per student includes the meal program, textbooks, technology resources, musical instruments, art supplies, field trips, overnight environmental education trips, and staff salaries and benefits. These funds are allocated to optimize successful personal and educational outcomes for every student. As was stated at the November Town Hall, tuition funds will not be used to finance the development of the new K8 campus and Dogpatch expansion. These projects will be paid for through a combination of philanthropic donations and bank financing. 

These tuition levels represent an average increase of 5.6%, which is comparable with other independent schools in the Bay Area. The increase covers the cost of living adjustments and an increase in employee salaries, which is a goal in our multi-year strategic plan to bring our compensation in line with San Francisco Unified School District levels to ensure the retention of our beloved team. 

We understand the financial landscape of the San Francisco Bay Area and the impact on our entire community. This is why we remain committed to creating a diverse and inclusive community and to providing accessible education for as many families as possible through the continued expansion of the sliding-scale tuition program, which will grow to $1.6M (a 27% increase from this year). Please contact the Admissions Office at admissions@lascuolasf.org to learn more and apply.

In mid-February, we will be sending re-enrollment contracts to all current families. You are part of this community at a historic moment in time and the future of our institution and our students is so bright. Your commitment, support, and participation in shaping this journey are irreplaceable and make our community the unique place that it is. Grazie Mille! 

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us at board@lascuolasf.org.

Cari Saluti,

Valentina Imbeni
Head of School

Serra Goldman
Chair, Board of Directors