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K-8 Students Begin Year with Remote Learning; PreK Remains In-Person

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Ciao La Scuola Family,

I am here to tell you that late last night, we received the much-awaited clarification from the San Francisco Department of Public Health on our K-8 campus openings. 

We have some good news and not so good news. We learned what we knew already that PreK is allowed to open, and so we are going to open as planned on Tuesday, August 4.

We also learned that K-12 schools are still not permitted to open under the SF Stay Safe at Home Order. This means that unfortunately, we are going to begin our school in remote learning for all K-8 students. The other good news we heard is that the waiver for elementary schools is being prepared by the City of San Francisco and so we will be able to apply for a waiver. That means that as soon as we are allowed, we will be able to return to in-person learning for K-5 students.

We commit to giving you updates every couple of weeks, and we will not reopen campus without giving families at least a two-week notice, so you can return home and prepare for in-person learning. We know this is not good news for some of you but some of you will be relieved. Everyone is in a different place regarding the current situation, but please know we are doing our best to make sure everyone at La Scuola feels supported and has an opportunity to learn in different ways. We continue to be committed to returning to in-person learning for our youngest students as soon as we can.

Regarding the Middle School, we will continue to do remote learning and will only be able to return to in-person learning when the health order is lifted. The good news is that if we are allowed to reopen because of the waiver or if San Francisco gets off of the health watchlist for more than 14 days, once we are open, we can stay open. This was a statement in the communication we received and I’m sure this is welcomed news to all the parents. Consistency is important and changing back and forth from remote to in-person is hard for faculty, students, and families. 

With that, we are very grateful to our faculty and staff for preparing for all the different options that we have ahead of us. We are also so grateful for your support and we will be having meetings with you and look forward to answering any questions. Please remember this is also very fresh for us as well so we may not have all the answers but we will always do our best to find them.

We continue to be reassured by the data for our early learners that it’s safe for them to be at school. We are very focused on the health and safety procedures in place for our adults at the school. We had a great opportunity during our summer programs to implement our reopening plan and so we feel very prepared to return to in-person learning.

Last but not least, as a parent to a parent, these are stressful times for everyone. I think we want to make sure to remember that we are models for our children. They can see everything that we feel so to continue to have a calm presence while they are with us, I think is very important. So if you need anything, any type of support or you are in a difficult place, please reach out to us, we are here from you.

Grazie Mille and have a great night,

Valentina Imbeni, Ph.D.
Head of School