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Learning the Traditions of Saint Lucia

Friday, December 13, 2019

Preschoolers learned about Santa Lucia, who is celebrated in various areas of Italy on December 13. Celebrations are timed to coincide with the winter solstice according to an earlier calendar – is a symbol of light in the darkness (Lucia derives from lux, the Latin word for light).

According to tradition, Santa Lucia arrives at nighttime with her mule cart, bringing presents to the children who have been nice. To get ready for her arrival, children leave hay for the mule and something to eat and drink for Santa Lucia. To celebrate this occasion at La Scuola, Ilaria gathered with the Grandi classes and shared some information about this special tradition. The children then decided to put out some bread, milk and hay for Santa Lucia and her mule. 

Students learn about Saint Lucia.Students leave special treats for Saint Lucia.