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Environmental Education Trips

The experiential education program at La Scuola is founded on the idea that early adolescence presents great opportunities for the significant personal and social development of all students. In each year of middle school, the class engages in an extended travel-learning experience that presents each student with developmentally appropriate physical, social, and cultural challenges.

Our trips are closely connected to our program of inquiry and with environmental science and social studies. They also foster a sense of community, love of nature, independence and international mindedness.

Grade 6 - Backpacking Trip to the California Sierras

Our sixth grade students have the opportunity to enjoy a 5-day backpacking trip in the California Sierras. Serving as a wonderful time to bring their learning outdoors, experiment with different ways of viewing the natural environment and how their studies in science, art, humanities and beyond all play an important part in the environment in which we live. Appreciating beauty is a primary part of the La Scuola curriculum, and there is no better way to do that than sleeping under the stars and spending the week exploring the backcountry just outside of San Francisco. 

Yellowstone serves as a stunning landscape for our recent 6th grade trips- a place where what they have learned across subjects can come to life. An example of this is the study of fire ecology in their Humanities courses. In Yellowstone, they can study the causes and effects of fire on the environment by seeing first-hand and speaking with experts in the field. It goes without saying, but the joy and focus on beauty at La Scuola is certainly a perfect fit for a gorgeous location like Yellowstone. 


Grade 7 - Residential Service Learning Project 

Grade 7 engages in a 5-day residential service learning project (which is preparatory for the MYP Community Project) that meets the needs of underserved populations in San Francisco. 

Grade 8 - Italy Trip 

Grade 8 engages in a two-week travel-study to Italy where students engage in intercultural and language immersion, alpine adventure, and service within a global context.