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Where the joy and curiosity of learning at La Scuola begins!

For our preschool students, the senses are everything! Our campus was designed very intentionally by renowned architect Michele Zini of ZPZ Partners in Modena, Italy who is recognized globally for creating Reggio inspired schools and ateliers. Each space on campus sparks interest by intentionally igniting the senses with color, texture, movement, beauty and joy. Take a video or 3D virtual tour below. 

The La Scuola preschool program is rooted in Reggio Emilia, an approach that emphasizes autonomy and collaboration as children build self-esteem and respect for one another in a play-based environment. 

We believe that children are robust learners who actively construct theories about their world. They test their hypotheses through play and social interactions. In a small class setting (ratios of 1:7 for Piccoli and Grandi and 1:8 for Grandissimi) teachers offer materials to help children to develop a deep and connected understanding of the world. Art, music, drama and sculpture/construction are a part of every day at our preschool, as pre-academic skills are smoothly integrated into the children's play. 

As an Italian immersion preschool, the family style lunch is a cornerstone of the La Scuola experience. Children enjoy the ritual of counting how many of their friends to set the table for and eating delicious meals together that are prepared for them by Mumsa Kitchen, a food and education company for schools in the Bay Area. This opportunity to enjoy the social skills and friendships that naturally develop in this context creates lifelong memories for our students.

Children also learn Italian through everyday interactions and play: Research shows that early childhood offers a unique opportunity to learn languages, as well as providing a critical foundation for all future development and learning. By exposing your child to a second language at an early age, you stimulate brain activity which can open doors of opportunity later in life. 
We don’t just teach Italian, we teach in Italian. Preschoolers enjoy learning the language through music, stories, playing and creating. Learn more about the benefits of Language Immersion here.

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We offer half day and full day options for our preschool students: See details below

Age 2- Piccoli (age 2 by September 1)

Age 3 - Grandi

Age 4 - Grandissimi - Pre-Kindergarten


Program Requirements: 

Children need to be potty-trained to be in the Grandi and Grandissimi classes.

Children do not need to speak Italian to enroll at La Scuola. Most do not. 

La Scuola is the only school in San Francisco to offer the International Baccalaureate™ Primary Years Program (from age 3-12). The IB is an internationally recognized educational framework that nurtures young students to think critically, care deeply and make a positive impact in the world.





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Age 2 by September 1
2-3 years Mon-Fri (5 days) 8:45 am – 12:45 pm or 5:30 pm
Age 3 by September 1, with a few Young Grandi places for children age 2.5 by Sep 1
3-4 years Mon-Fri (5 days) 8:30 am – 1:15 pm or 5:30 pm
Grandissimi-Pre K
Age 4 by September 1
4-5 years Mon-Fri (5 days) 8:15 am – 1:30 pm or 5:30 pm


Please submit an Online Inquiry Form, or check out our VISIT page for more info on upcoming Open Houses and Events.