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Posted by on Wednesday, April 28, 2021
Join us as we partner with students in Italy to take small steps each day that have a huge impact on our environment and planet.  Post a picture each day using these hashtags #LaScuolaSF #OneChoicePerDay2021 to share your progress with each other around the world! Grazie mille to Leticia O'Sullivan, our IB PYP Coordinator, for creating this partnership! Actions Speak Louder Than Words! Our Grade 4 students accepted the challenge and joined the initiative “Una scelta al giorno 2021” (one... Read More
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Posted by on Friday, April 23, 2021
Lydia Nichols-Russell, a representative from the Youth Stewardship section of the San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department, joined our all-school assemblea to discuss sustainable natural resources, conservation projects, and native California plants. She also shared youth volunteer opportunities in San Francisco Parks for Grades 5-8.
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Posted by on Friday, April 23, 2021
Grandissimi Children Match Art with Words Oggi é Earth Day ... "Today it's Earth Day" designs and quotes from the children.   Earth is our home - Remi Earth has little shapes of different the desert and also Antarctica, where penguins live and it's very cold there - Morgan Earth is a small planet and the sun is the biggest star - Carl La Earth é tutta la cittá - Matilde We are inside the earth - Remi No, we are outside! - Kyrian I think we are thanking the Earth for... Read More
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Posted by on Wednesday, April 21, 2021
Members of our school community gathered this week to discuss the ongoing violence and hate toward our Asian American & Pacific Islander community. Watch the introduction from our DEI Coordinator Melina Madrigal. Attendees joined breakout rooms to share their thoughts and learn from others.
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Posted by on Friday, April 16, 2021
Grazie mille to Michelle, a Piccoli parent, for hosting a mini-concert with Piccoli children, who were serenaded by the sounds of the traditional Irish flute.
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Posted by on Wednesday, April 14, 2021
La Scuola students, Ray and Neva, share Social-Emotional Learning tools to get through you through the day cool, calm, and collected.
Posted by on Thursday, April 1, 2021
Relevant articles, reports, and write-ups about Screen Time and mental health for parents who like to read and learn more: "Reader Come Home" book by Maryanne Wolf: Informative book that considers our capacity for critical thinking, empathy, and reflection as we become increasingly dependent on digital technologies Discussing digital technology overuse in children and adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: On the importance of considering Affective Neuroscience Theory The... Read More
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Posted by on Monday, October 19, 2020
Our Learning Specialist, Peter Kim, is leading students in a month-long challenge called "Inktober." Students are prompted by a word each day to create expressive artwork.  View the Artwork Here
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Posted by on Wednesday, October 14, 2020
Buongiorno La Scuola, It’s another special day as we open our Mission Campus and welcome back our 3rd through 5th grades. If you hear some background noise it is them, and it’s so wonderful to have this campus come back to life. We heard music from Maestro Carlo, students have been engaging in math and Italian, PE, and many the activities they are able to do while on campus. We know there have been some challenges with our distance learners and we are working on finding a solution so they... Read More
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Posted by on Thursday, October 8, 2020
Buongiorno La Scuola, It’s October, and so today I’m here to talk to you about the Annual Fund. This is my 13th year at La Scuola. Time flies and I continue to be amazed at how our community continues to grow and really stick to our values when we set off to embrace this dream 13 years ago. We are all here together with joy and optimism, and I’m so grateful to all of you for being part of our dream. Why is the Annual Fund important? As you probably know, and if you are new to La Scuola... Read More