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San Francisco Mission (5 - 14 years)

As one of the top private schools in San Francisco, our Mission Campus has been occupied by La Scuola since 2019 and now houses our K-8 students.

Located in the heart of the Mission District of San Francisco, this Italianate, wood-frame building was designed by Charles Devlin and built originally as a church in 1888. Starting in 1895, it also served as a school.

Big plans are in the works for this location in the upcoming years.  The Mission campus will be transformed into the ideal international school of the future – the first and only of its kind in the United States - which will occupy some of the current school yard space.  This building will be the main entrance to our campus and will house our food atelier, dining room, art, music, and makers ateliers.  

The Ateliers/Studio spaces are unique and at the heart of the Reggio Emilia program as they provide students with innovative spaces to learn, explore, create, and experiment.  

Elementary and Middle School Environment

Historic St. Charles Building at Mission Campus

The St. Charles building is the anchor of our Mission Campus - a historic building with modern features inside.

Kindergarten Classroom at the Mission Campus

Our Kindergarten classrooms are beautiful and bright, providing space for collaborative learning.

Mission Yard from St. Charles Building

Our yard serves many purposes! It is at once a stage for performances and assemblies, a garden atelier, and place to have lunch, play ball, or just have fun with friends.

Lunar New Year celebration on the outdoor stage

Many events and assemblies are hosted on the outdoor stage, such as this celebration of Lunar New Year.

Music class with plucked-string instruments

Students learn to play several instruments during their time in K-8, with many opportunities to perform during the school year.

Ball game in front of the Mural created by the class of 2020

This mural created by the first graduation class of La Scuola is a bright background for a spontaneous ball game!

Fresh fruit and vegetables are part of every lunch

Every day students are treated to a delicious fresh lunch, which always includes a fruit and vegetable. 

World Day for Cultural Diversity at Mission campus yard

Our World Day for Cultural Diversity celebration included foods and specialty items from countries represented in our parent community.

Library shelves

Our library has books in English, Italian, and Spanish, as well as every language represented in our parent community.

Middle school classroom

From the early elementary grades until Grade 8 students ask questions, do research, collaborate, communicate, and present their work. Everyone becomes a public speaker.

Play structure in Mission campu yard

Our play structure is one of a kind!

Garden atelier

The garden atelier provides space to students to experience the life cycle, grow and harvest food, and learn about environmental studies.

Middle Schoolers in the yard

Middle schoolers enjoy some quiet time during recess.

After school fun

The fun doesn't stop when the school day ends! Students in after care keep the learning and creating going.

Middle Schoolers with Open to the World Sign

What does being open to the world really mean? Come see during a tour of our Mission campus!

Land Acknowledgement for the Mission Campus

We acknowledge that the land our Mission Campus stands on is the unceded ancestral homeland of the Ramaytush Ohlone people. As educators and life-long learners, we recognize that as uninvited guests, we all need to affirm their sovereign rights as first peoples. We pay our respects to their ancestors, elders and relatives of the Ramaytush community.