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La Scuola International Peninsula


La Scuola International School is excited to announce the expansion of its unique blend of Reggio Emilia, Language Immersion, and International Baccalaureate program with the opening of La Scuola International Peninsula, a Preschool Early Childhood campus in East Palo Alto.

We are actively gathering information from families interested in enrolling in Preschool classes (ages 2-5) in February 2022, and families interested in Kindergarten / Grade 1 enrollment for August 2022.

At La Scuola, we foster an appreciation for joy and beauty. Our campus and program stimulate all of the senses, inspire an appreciation for food, music, culture, and the joy of spending time with friends, and the community. From colorful spaces to learn and connect, to Ateliers specially designed to ignite the artist, musician, or designer within, at La Scuola, we have always seen the environment as a child's first teacher. 

La Scuola Peninsula is located less than 10 minutes from the Facebook main campus and 15 minutes from Stanford University on the former campus of The Primary School at 951 O'Connor Street, East Palo Alto, CA 94303.

Our Admissions Team will be in contact with you very soon. We look forward to hosting tours and visits in the fall. 

Aperitivo with the Head of School & La Scuola Architect

It’s with great excitement that we invite all families who are interested in enrolling at our Peninsula Campus to meet our Head of School, Valentina Imbeni, PhD and our architect, Michele Zini, of ZPZ Partners, on December 7.

Michele is world-renowned for his Reggio Emilia designs and has been the only designer and architect working with La Scuola to create its San Francisco campuses. He is currently leading the design and construction of La Scuola’s Peninsula campus and our K-8 Campus in the Mission, San Francisco. Michele will share his vision for our Palo Alto Campus along with our Head of School, Valentina Imbeni, and other Leadership members. You will have the opportunity to tour the campus, and participate in informal Q&A while enjoying some adult beverages and lite bites.

Virtual Q&A Session for Prospective Parents

Meet our Teachers, Administrators, and Head of School as they outline our plans to open in February 2022 with Preschool classes and enrollment for Kindergarten/Grade 1 classes in August 2022.

Creating our Palo Alto Campus

Environment as the Third Teacher

La Scuola is a Reggio Emilia School families can rely on to truly immerse their children in the language and culture. Our inquiry-based learning is aimed at provoking children’s creative and innovative thinking and problem-solving and we are open to different avenues of exploration. Environments are set up to entice the children to explore and experiment in order to host and participate in debate, discussion, and inquiry.

Our designer, Michele Zini, of ZPZ Partners, is world-renowned for designing Reggio-inspired spaces and is the primary designer of our Dogpatch campus and permanent K-8 Campus in the Mission.

Preschool Classrooms

Atelier between Classrooms

Exterior Design

The main concept is creating a porch all around the central garden that becomes the icon of the Peninsula School. The entrance goes on the south side. The project is based on the central garden, which becomes the open-air piazza of the school. The porch changes the orientations of the rooms and the rears become fronts.

At the same time, it is a solution for hiding the HVAC machines.

The idea is to keep the general layout of the campus to optimize the existing pathways and change the contents. A new play area, with wooden chips and a couple of beautiful play structures, all in wood, is in the center. A free play area is on the west side, close to the classrooms, with some fruit trees, pollinators, wild nature elements; it is completed with a mirror posts labyrinth, that creates ambiguous and interesting overlapping between natural and artificial, and a chill-out zone with shadow.

The existing sandbox is confirmed, a large hammock under a tent is paired, and the soccer field is brand new. In front of the ateliers, the lunch area, and afterschool areas, there is an outdoor atelier, organized around an existing large tree. The green atelier is set on the southeast side: a sunny spot, quiet, with the planters for the vegetable garden ADA accessible, woodchips among them, decomposed granite in paths, a large shed, and shadow from existing trees.