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Planning for Reopening & School Start Dates

Friday, May 1, 2020

Buonasera La Scuola,

Happy Friday to you! Thank you so much for participating last night at our community meeting. 

Over 150 people were present and we truly appreciate the time you dedicated to spending some time with us and asking questions. We hope that we were able to answer most of them, and as you know we don’t have the answers to all of them but keep them coming, we are here for you, and we are eager to hear what’s on your mind. You can watch the full recording here.

As you heard last night, we have the full intention of opening school as planned and hopefully a little earlier. We are thinking of potentially opening a week sooner and we are also committed to opening our Dogpatch campus. We know that our youngest children are in great need of being with their friends and their teacher and so we are very committed to their well-being. 

By talking to other international schools around the world, we have had conversations about how to safely do that. We have talked to schools in Scandinavian and Asia and we know that it is possible. So we continue to have those conversations to make sure that we can do that, as well. Our younger students need us as much as our older ones do.

I also want to remind you that we have decided to postpone the construction of our middle school campus that was supposed to break ground in October. We think this is the safe thing to do. We want to be conservative in these uncertain times. We will continue to go through the entitlement process so we will be ready to go when things stabilize.

Last but not least, I would like to share something that I shared last night: We are all going through this storm together, but not all of us are in the same boat. Please know that we really are aware of all of you being in different places and we want to support everyone and each one of you. 

Remember, that by sticking together and being together and being kind to each other, we can make it through this, and in the end, this will be over, all will be well - Andra’tuttobene! 


Valentina Imbeni, Ph.D.
Head of School