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Preschool Weekly Themes

Drip, Drop Slip, Water Exploratorium Price: $625 Join us on a journey into the hundred languages of water. Water is life. Water creates the beauty on planet Earth. Campers will explore through their senses shapes, movement, colors, and sounds that make water so unique. Curiosity and creativity will drive scientific experiments explaining that will properties of water and its transformative states. Together, we will learn about water in the world, and why it is an important element locally in the La Scuola garden ecosystem. Through scientific inquiry, art, direct experience and water projects, campers will develop an understanding of our relationship with water and the world around us. *This is a 7-day camp, M-F and M-Tu the following week.

Dance and Dine Around the World Price: $525 All aboard?! Create a passport and travel to global destinations. Come listen to music, dance, and delight in foods from cultures around the world. Each day we will travel to a different country and experience a sensory journey of sound, taste, touch, smell, and movement. We will travel to many places, including Spain! In Spain, we will immerse ourselves in the folkloristic dance of Flamenco while playing a guitar, built by campers with up-cycled and natural materials. After a playful morning, learn and prepare traditional tapas recipes. By the end of the week, take home a passport filled with stamps, games, and dishes from the variety of global experiences!

Build with Mother Nature’s Tool Kit Price: $525 “We often forget that WE ARE NATURE. Nature is not something separate from us. So when we say that we have lost our connection to nature, we’ve lost our connection to ourselves.” ― Andy Goldsworthy Share unforgettable moments combining craft work with nature appreciation. Natural materials are the root of eco-friendly inspiration, allowing children to interact in the environment hands-on. Be inspired and create art from nature. Discover natural dyes from flowers and plants in the garden, weave dyed wool in handmade stick looms, craft stone art, make feather and driftwood mobiles, prepare dry flower soaps and sachets. Each day we will enjoy different sun teas made with flower and herbs and hand-picked snacks from the garden. Sing and dance about the wind in the trees and how water cycles through nature. Driven by Andy Goldsworthy’s work, campers will identify patterns and make natural sculptures. The natural world will be our seed of inspiration, making endless possibilities.

Lights, Camera, Action : Playful Storytelling Price: $525 Bring your story to life as we explore the art of performing and storytelling. Engage in the various ways stories are created and told. We will build a week long inquiry into theatrical performance, song and dance, illustration, and playful literacy, just to name a few. Imagination will guide our week while we build props, puppets, and costumes that will portray our stories. Be seen and learn to be a good audience member. Campers will learn about the structure and sequence of a story, eventually creating their own helping them build confidence in developing their own narrative and self expression.

DIY Mural Art Price: $525 Murals have been an integral part of San Francisco’s art history and free-spirited identity. Learn about and experiment with tools and techniques -- like sponges, paint brushes, stencils, and mosaics. Through storytelling, photographs, and local murals, campers will learn about murals in San Francisco and the messages they share with the world. Meet professional mural artists who will guide us through designing and installing a mural. Campers will engage in the design process and collaborate on a mural that will be on display at La Scuola’s campus.

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