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Spreading Love & Joy Through Art

Friday, May 15, 2020

Saba Mazzola is using her creativity to spread joy to other kids through her love of art.

The 6-year-old Kindergarten Arancioni student is creating custom art designs to raise money to purchase art supplies for other children.  

"In my art class, we learn how to draw and then my mom told me that there are kids who want to do the class but they don't have art materials to do the class so I had the idea to help,” Saba said. “My mom told me she would get my drawing printed and we made postcards and now I am selling them so when people buy them they can get art materials for the kids."

Saba was inspired by her mother, Jen Bloomer, owner of Radici Studios, who is sharing coloring pages on her website for free download. Saba has nine full color 5” x 6” postcards available with all proceeds supporting Draw Together: Art Kits for Kids in Covid-19. Pictures depict people from all over the world who speak different languages saying “Love” and “Art.”

 “I made a drawing that says ‘art’ in different languages like Hindi, and Italiano and Tigrinya because my grandparents speak Tigrinya, and Chinese and Hawaiian and Arabic because in America there are lots of people who went from their place where they were born and came to here,” she said. 

The postcards are on sale for $10 at https://radicistudios.com/store/pack-art-and-love-postcards-by-saba-mazzola