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Updated Timeline for In-Person Return

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Ciao La Scuola,

I hope this finds you well. It’s a clear and sunny day, the air is good and hopefully, you can spend some time outside.

I want to give you an update on our inspection at the Fell Street Campus last week. It happened on Friday and we are still waiting to hear back from the Health Department. I know that some of you have seen the website published by the City of San Francisco where they track the application process for each school. They are reviewing our application and we are expecting to hear back from them on Friday. Please be patient, I know it’s frustrating to be in this waiting space, but we all are, and we are in communication with them, so know that you will hear from us as soon as we hear from them.

We also have an inspection scheduled for our Mission Campus on Oct. 1. Our teachers will be coming next week to campus to set up their classrooms in preparation for the inspection. We will be updating you on that as well. We have a great team of people here working on this nonstop, so rest assured that we are doing everything we can to ensure the health and safety of our staff members, students, and families. Again, you will be hearing more from us on that front as well.

Another important detail I want to share that as we promised, we will give you three business days notice before returning. For the opening of the Grades 3-5 and Grades 6-8 programs, they will be staggered by two weeks. When we open K-2, two weeks later we will be able to open Grades 3-5 and then two weeks later we will be able to open Grades 6-8. This is the order than has been established by the Health Department so we will be complying with that.

We also want to tell you that as we anticipated, we are moving to distance learning for a few days before and after the Winter Break. This ensures a longer time away from campus for families and staff members that need to travel, everyone can now do that safely.

The dates will be:

  • Dec. 14
  • Dec. 15
  • Jan. 6
  • Jan. 7
  • Jan. 8 

Last but not least, I apologize for the background noise, there is a lot of construction going on around me. As you can see, we are in the refurbished classrooms on the first floor of our beautiful Mission Campus. The Islamic School has moved out and we are now going to be having the Grade 3-5 classes here. Apologies for the noise but it’s very exciting and the classrooms are beautiful just like the ones upstairs.

We hope you are well. Again, please be patient, this is a process that has to be thoughtful. With a few more days of patience, we know that we can get this done right. Thank you so much, we are here for you if you need us.

Ciao and Andra’tuttobene - all will be well.

Valentina Imbeni Ph.D.
Head of School